July 18, 2024


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For $40 a day, you can explore these 34 budget-friendly destinations

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For  a day, you can explore these 34 budget-friendly destinations

Travelling outside Canada adds up fast. From the cost of plane tickets to rising fees, international travel can get expensive. However, where you go can certainly affect your budget.

According to a guide by Flytrippers, a Quebec-based flight deal website, travelling can be affordable depending on the destination.

“The cheapest countries to travel to are also wonderful destinations, allowing you to travel for less, for longer, or in luxury,” states co-founder Andrew D’Amours. “It’s so sad that so many people think that travel is necessarily expensive because it’s just not true.”

The company compiled a list of 34 affordable countries to travel to where you can make the most of your vacation for just $40 a day.

D’Amours said that in Brazil, he scored Taylor Swift tickets for just $31, while in Toronto, the cheapest tickets were $200 for nosebleed seats.

“The same simple principle obviously applies to hotels, meals, activities, EVERYTHING: the same quality is much cheaper if you simply choose affordable countries,” he said.

And these countries have much to offer too, from cities rich in culture to beaches and nature.

Here’s a list of the best countries (by region) to consider for your next budget-friendly vacation.

Southeast Asia

With plenty of affordable options for warm destinations, this region is famous for a reason.

1. Indonesia

2. Malaysia

3. Thailand

4. Vietnam

5. Cambodia

6. Philippines

7. Laos

8. Myanmar

South Asia

Expect a variety of exotic options at an affordable price.

9. India

10. Nepal

11. Bangladesh

12. Sri Lanka

Central Asia

This “often overlooked” region offers fantastic scenery and a rich history.

13. Uzbekistan

14. Kyrgyzstan

15. Turkey

16. Georgia

17. Azerbaijan

18. Armenia


“The world’s least explored continent has many affordable destinations,” said D’Amours.

19. Egypt

20. Morocco

21. Tunisia

22. Algeria

23. Madagascar

24. Kenya

25. Ghana


“Far from being the most affordable continent, there are still a few options,” states D’Amours.

26. Bosnia-Herzegovina

27. North Macedonia

28. Moldova

Central America

Due to its proximity, this affordable region is the ideal choice for shorter trips.

29. Guatemala

30. El Salvador

31. Nicaragua

South America

32. Argentina

33. Colombia

34. Bolivia