July 23, 2024


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Mayor outlines plans for further development of Falmouth Transportation Centre | News

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Mayor outlines plans for further development of Falmouth Transportation Centre | News

Chairman of the Trelawny Municipal Corporation and Mayor of Falmouth, Collen Gager, has outlined plans for the further development of the Falmouth Transportation Centre.

Speaking at a recent press briefing, Gager described the centre as a “work in progress”, noting that, so far, more than $40 million has been spent to upgrade the centre and that there are plans to install additional bus and passenger shelters and more commercial spaces.

The recent renovation, Gager said, was already paying dividends, as there was a noticeable reduction in the chronic traffic congestion in Water Square – the town centre – as well as the problems associated with the culture of unsanitary practises in public spaces that have plagued the town.

“We are happy that we now have a transportation centre [in operation], and although we have the basic infrastructure there, the passenger shelters are not enough. We are expecting… in the near future, to have proper covering… . The work is not finished,” he added.

With the centre up and running, Gager said he was pleased with the level of compliance being seen among transport operators and commuters at the facility. Operations there, he pointed out, were also of greater convenience to persons who trade and shop at the weekly Bend Down Market.

The most recent project, which involved extensive pavement work and construction of offices for the Corporation’s staff, a police post and commercial structures, was in and advanced stage of completion.

“In addition to the road [along Thorpe Street] leading to the Falmouth Transportation Centre, the [entire ground] was paved using asphalt concrete as final covering for [a surface area of] 4,907 square feet,” Gager noted.

He reported that coverage included the bus and taxi parking bays and the entrance and exit at the centre.

“Large metal containers are being retrofitted, air-conditioning units are being installed, and furniture added to [suitably] accommodate the police and the Corporation’s staff,” Mayor Gager said, noting that a popular pastry store had set up operations at the Centre and other businesses have expressed interest in occupying the space there.

“We have even been approached by two of the transportation operators’ associations who want to set up their offices in the park… [and] we are giving serious consideration to their applications,” he said.

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