January 30, 2023


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The only realistic destinations for Juan Soto

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The only realistic destinations for Juan Soto


Juan Soto turned down the most lucrative deal in Major League Baseball history, so the Washington Nationals could be forced to trade him. Here, we discuss the three realistic destinations for him.

Juan Soto
© Tim Nwachukwu/Getty ImagesJuan Soto

The Washington Nationals have spent months trying to lock up Juan Soto for the future, but the 23-year-old Dominican looks all but gone right now. He turned down a 15-year, $440 million contract with no deferred payments.

That contract would’ve turned Soto into the highest-paid player in Major League Baseball history, eclipsing Mike Trout’s mega deal with the Los Angeles Angels. He’s reportedly looking at $500+ million, a threshold the Nationals aren’t going to meet.

So, with his time ticking on the nation’s capital, chances are that at least two-dozen teams call the Nationals inquiring about potential trades for the World Series champion. But, truth be told, just a handful of teams could make a realistic run at him.

MLB Rumors: 3 Potential Trade Destinations For Juan Soto

3. Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox have been reluctant to spend big as of late. Other than Trevor Story, Chaim Bloom has taken a rather conservative approach. But how often does a generational player like Juan Soto become available?

The Red Sox have more than enough cash to spare. Moreover, Xander Bogaerts could be on his way out, and Nathan Eovaldi and J.D. Martínez are also likely to leave. He’d be their franchise cornerstone for a decade and a half.

2. Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers haven’t been as good as they expected this season, and chances are Juan Soto may not be thrilled with the idea of joining them. But they’ve shown unprecedented willingness to spend.

They already committed $500 million to their middle infield in Corey Seager and Marcus Semien. That proves they’re willing to do whatever it takes to become a contender. So, will they break the bank and spend $500M more? 

1. New York Yankees

Hal Steinbrenner isn’t like his old man, and Brian Cashman has been more successful with trades than free agency. But the New York Yankees need to take their old approach if they want to be at the top of the world again.

There’s no bigger market than NYC. There’s no team that needs Soto more than the Yankees. Even if that means losing Aaron Judge, how would you pass on a left-handed, all-time great hitter who also happens to be six years younger? Also, they have the prospects to make it work.