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The Horrific Collapse at Colorado Resort

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The Horrific Collapse at Colorado Resort

On March 6, 2022, the world watched in shock as a 70-foot section of a luxury condominium complex in Breckenridge, Colorado, collapsed, killing at least five people and injuring several others. One survivor, John Williams, who was staying in the complex with his family, described the horrific events that took place that day.

The Collapse

According to Williams, the day started like any other vacation day. He and his wife were getting ready to take their kids skiing when they heard a loud rumbling noise. They initially thought it was an avalanche, but when they looked outside, they saw that the entire backside of the building had collapsed, leaving a gaping hole in the structure.

The Aftermath

Williams and his family were lucky to have been on the opposite side of the building when the collapse occurred. However, they quickly realized that there were many people trapped in the rubble. Williams stated that he heard children screaming for help and saw people frantically digging through the rubble trying to save those who were trapped.

The Rescue Efforts

The rescue efforts were extensive and involved dozens of first responders from the local fire and police departments. They worked tirelessly to dig through the rubble and locate survivors. Williams described the rescue efforts as “heroic” and said he was grateful for their efforts.

The Investigation

In the aftermath of the collapse, an investigation was launched to determine the cause of the incident. It was determined that a combination of heavy snowfall and structural issues likely contributed to the collapse. Williams stated that he was shocked to learn that the building had passed inspection just a few months prior to the incident.

Moving Forward

The collapse has left a lasting impact on Williams and his family. They have since returned home, but the memories of the tragic event continue to haunt them. Williams stated that he hopes that the incident will lead to better safety regulations for buildings in the area, so that tragedies like this one can be prevented in the future.


The collapse at the Colorado resort was a tragic event that claimed the lives of several people and left many others injured. The heroic efforts of the rescue teams and the support of the community have helped survivors like John Williams begin to heal from the traumatic experience. As investigations continue and changes are made to ensure better building safety, we can hope that tragedies like this one will become a thing of the past.