December 8, 2022


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Purple’s Twincloud Is a Fluffy Hotel-like Pillow for Your Home

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Purple’s Twincloud Is a Fluffy Hotel-like Pillow for Your Home

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There’s an unmatched feeling of ecstasy that comes with checking into a lavish hotel room and laying on the bed for the first time. Often done up to feel far more comfortable than my bed at home, I have spent years attempting, and failing, to replicate that feeling of utter, blissful luxury. My current mattress and bedding definitely come close to a five-star feel, but I had yet to find the perfect pillow. That all changed with the unveiling of Purple’s TwinCloud pillow.

I have tried and tested luxury pillows in the past, but Purple’s latest cozy invention was the first to truly match my dreams of cushioned comfort. Unlike a traditional down pillow, TwinCloud is basically two pillows in one. That’s right, you can easily swap between firm or soft with just the flip of a pillow. As a sleeper never content to stick to one side of the pillow, this was major life-changing news to me.

Since securing this pillow, every night in my bed has felt like a vacation. Created with 100 percent cotton, the pillow’s softer side is truly fluffy, as if you’re sleeping on an oversized cloud. Formatted to suit stomach sleepers, it has a hollow center that you can place your arm, as well as back sleepers, the pillow can be zipped or unzipped to suit your exact sleeping needs.

As for me, I prefer sleeping on the largest, fluffiest pillow possible. I leave my TwinCloud completely zipped, its soft side upturned. I don’t thread my arm through the center, but as a side sleeper, I do like that I’m able to lay without feeling as if my neck is too inclined or my body is too raised. 

Perhaps the best part about this pillow? It is machine-washable. This means I can continue my occasional breakfast in bed routine, and if anything does land on my precious pillow, I can simply toss it in the wash, using the cold cycle and the low tumble dry setting.

I can’t spend every night traveling to a far off destination that features a luxurious hotel, but thanks to this pillow, I can easily fall asleep and dream of my next great getaway.

Bring the hotel pillow experience to your home and pick up this luxurious pillow from Purple now.