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Places to visit in Kolkata

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Places to visit in Kolkata

Due to its old-world charm and tourist attractions, the “City of Joy” has a lot to offer to visitors. Kolkata has you covered on all fronts, whether you like to tour historical sites or prefer a gourmet stroll through the streets. There are many things to do in Kolkata, from discovering its stunning libraries and bookstores to enjoying the well-known “Rasgullas.” And we have this blog to assist you in creating a comprehensive schedule that includes all the best things to do in Kolkata. Best Activities in Kolkata:

Visit the well-known Victoria Memorial Palace.

The lovely Victoria Memorial Palace must be mentioned on any list of things to do in jw marriot Kolkata. This city landmark, which is made of white makrana marble and was built in the Indo-Saracenic Revival architectural style, is currently undergoing conversion into a museum honoring Queen Victoria of England. You’ll have the impression that you’ve been transported to a European landmark as soon as you enter the palace/museum. The Mughal emperor murals and other traditional Indian design elements are there, but the general atmosphere of the palace’s interior is quite different.

Visit the Sundarbans to get to know the Royal Bengal Tigers.

If you enjoy going on wildlife safaris, you simply cannot afford to miss the Sundarbans mangrove. This area is not only a haven for the Royal Bengal Tigers but also a Bangladeshi UNESCO World Heritage site. It is one of the largest river deltas in India. So, if you want to see the powerful tigers, we advise going to the Sundarbans. To visit the estuary region, you must obtain permits issued by the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve’s Office of the Field of Directors.

View Mother Teresa’s Residence

Mother Teresa, a humanitarian, missionary, and above all, a strong lady who dedicated her life to helping people in need, has astounded us with her selfless work. Visit her former home and charity in Kolkata, also known as the Motherhouse, if you’ve always been in awe of her (as I was), to get a better sense of how she lived and to learn more about her beliefs. Mother Teresa’s tomb and a museum with all of her personal effects are located there.

Explore Kolkata’s Countless Temples

Going on a temple tour throughout the city is something to do as it is the location of the lavish and eclectic Durga Pujo festival. There are numerous temples to visit in the city, ranging from the well-known and frequently crowded Kalighat temple to the serene and tranquil Belur Nath Mandir. Additionally, you should visit the Dakshineshwar Kali temple, which is situated across from the Hoogly River. The temple is not just beautiful, but it also has a lively fair-like ambiance with kiosks selling other Hindu items and street food sellers.

Get Some Quiet Time Near Howrah Bridge

Even though Howrah Bridge is surrounded by a lot of attractions, simply spending a quiet evening there is a memorable experience. The third-longest cantilever bridge in the world is a symbol of Kolkata; it is built without the use of nuts or bolts. We advise you to join the numerous people that cross it each day for one day so you can simply enjoy the vista of the lovely Hoogly river and the flower market situated below the bridge.

Learn About a Variety of Subjects at the Indian Museum

One of India’s oldest and most well-known multipurpose museums, it contains a wealth of information in the form of manuscripts, notebooks, and ancient artifacts that are sure to satisfy your inner nerd. An example would be an old Egyptian mummy artifact, Lord Buddha, or many modern paintings. It also features a library with large, interesting volumes.

Experience the Famous Eden Garden Stadium

Since Eden Gardens is India’s largest cricket stadium and the site of some of the most famous Test Series, we advise you to shoot a panoramic photo there and share it on Instagram. The stadium, which has echoes of Rome’s Colosseum, serves as a sort of shrine for all international cricket players. You ask why? Because the enthusiastic crowd’s energy offers athletes the motivation they need to achieve in their sport. Treat your inner sports nerd to an experience that they’ll never forget.

The largest science museum in the Indian Subcontinent should be visited.

One of Kolkata’s top tourist destinations is Science City, which first welcomed visitors in 1997. In the entire Indian subcontinent, it is one of the largest and most varied science museums. It was created to make science more approachable and entertaining, and it features many sections devoted to some incredible genres. The floor’s section on optical illusions serves as an example. The aquatic world contains thorough representations and aquariums to help you deepen your understanding of underwater animals if you are interested in them.

Visit the renowned Marble Palace and be amazed

This location is ideal for anyone who enjoys history, the arts, or simply taking pictures of palaces and other architectural wonders. One of Kolkata’s most stunning tourist destinations is Marble Palace, which was constructed in the Neoclassical architectural style. There is much to admire, including magnificent statues and paintings by well-known worldwide artists.

Experience the Adrenalin Rush at Nicco Park

Nicco Park is certain to excite both children and adults because it seamlessly combines entertainment and adventure. So, choose the Pirate Ship, Cyclone Flying Saucer, Sky Diver, and Water Chute if you’re looking for thrilling things to do in Kolkata. On the Merry Go Round, kids may have wholesome fun without any danger. Check out the Cable Car, Lazy River Ride, Toy Train, Paddle Boat, or Mirror Maze if spending time with the family is on your mind. Don’t miss taking some amazing photos close to MIG 21 and the Eiffel Tower. For individuals who wish to make enduring experiences with friends, a bowling alley is a good choice.


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