May 23, 2024


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Oregon winter storm updates: Hazardous driving conditions persist

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Oregon winter storm updates: Hazardous driving conditions persist

As winter weather continues to sweep across Oregon, hazardous driving conditions persist, leading to a number of accidents, road closures, and power outages. Here is an overview of the latest updates regarding the winter storm in Oregon.

I. Road Conditions

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has issued warnings for hazardous driving conditions across the state due to snow, ice, and heavy rain. Many roads have been closed or have limited access, including highways 20, 26, and 58. Drivers are advised to stay off the roads if possible and to use caution if travel is necessary.

II. Accidents

The hazardous road conditions have led to numerous accidents across the state. The Portland Police Bureau reported over 100 accidents and 15 hit-and-runs in a single day, with many more reported throughout the state. Emergency services are responding to accidents as quickly as possible, but drivers are urged to drive defensively and avoid unnecessary travel.

III. Power Outages

The winter storm has also caused power outages in many areas of the state. Portland General Electric reported over 130,000 customers without power, with many more outages reported throughout the state. Crews are working around the clock to restore power as quickly as possible, but the severity of the storm has made it difficult to address all outages at once.

IV. Preparation

Officials are urging Oregonians to stay informed and to prepare for the winter weather. This includes having emergency supplies on hand, such as food, water, and blankets, and staying informed about road closures and power outages. Drivers are also encouraged to check their vehicles before traveling and to drive slowly and carefully on icy roads.

In conclusion, the winter storm in Oregon has caused hazardous driving conditions, accidents, road closures, and power outages. It is important for residents to stay informed, prepare for the weather, and exercise caution when traveling. By working together and staying safe, we can weather this storm and emerge on the other side.