December 9, 2022


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NewLink Establishes Carbon Neutrality Research Center to Help Reduce Carbon Emissions

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NewLink Establishes Carbon Neutrality Research Center to Help Reduce Carbon Emissions

The new center aims to offer information from a variety of sectors, including fuel quality upgrades, technological innovation, expanding fuel economy, and improving emission targets. The new research center will also focus on improving high-quality fuel additives, branded fuel research and development, as well as helping the petrochemical industry move towards carbon neutrality.

“The Carbon Neutrality Research Center has been established to conduct innovative research around fuel efficiency in an effort to reach the energy industry’s long-term ‘zero carbon’ dream. This latest initiative will promote industry upgrading through technological innovation and increase technical investment. It will improve the source of fuel quality and identify challenges in the transportation field, all in an effort to ensure China’s carbon neutrality goals are achieved,” said Alex Xiao, Co-founder & Executive President of NewLink Group.

Improving fuel additives, an essential component in reducing vehicle emission, and Volatile Organic Substance (VOC) compliance, is one of the key goals of NewLink’s new research center. In China, the use of fuel additives has become increasingly common, with the central government issuing legislation to promote their use as part of efforts to protect the environment.

NewLink’s research center has executed studies related to this, investigating VOC limits, gasoline cleansers and gasoline cleansing efficiency agents, all in line with the latest national regulations. New solvents and other important components of fuel purification synergists have, after small and medium-scale testing, now entered the industrial production stage.

Empowering Fuel Brand Efficiency

China’s domestic oil industry is currently experiencing a “white heat” moment. The oversupply of refined oil products, as well the homogenization of oil and gas has created intense competition in the field. Oil enterprises are now introducing their own brands of fuel to differentiate from the competition, and as such have made fuel additives with specific properties one of the few methods in which they can improve their product.

NewLink’s new research centre will capitalize on this moment, providing third-party testing services to producers and consumers of fuel additives. In addition, it will provide technical advice, analytical inspection and joint research services to various enterprises related to the field in an effort to jointly promote the reduction of carbon emissions in the industry.

“It is important that the oil industry enjoys the dividends of technological innovation,” Alex Xiao Said. “NewLink’s new research center will help provide that, creating more possibilities for industry branded fuel, as well as the wider goal of reducing carbon emissions in the transportation sector.”

Transportation now accounts for 16.2% of all global emissions. While in China that figure is slightly smaller, accounting for 7.5% of the country’s total emissions, the boom in private car ownership in recent years means that figure as a share of carbon emissions will continue to rise. Research suggests reducing exhaust gas emissions from automobiles is the most direct and effective way to reduce carbon emissions, and NewLink’s new research center will be a key hub for industry leaders’ looking for this information, as well as how to access exclusive high-quality fuel that will effectively reduce their overall carbon emissions.

Over the past five years, the energy sector has gone through profound changes, from digital technology to opening up the energy industry supply chain. With NewLink’s new Carbon Neutrality Research Center there are now more possibilities for the industry to transform and upgrade as it enters a new carbon reduction era.

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