March 21, 2023


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Millstreet pub seeks bar staff … in New York

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Millstreet pub seeks bar staff … in New York

SIMILAR to publicans across the country, Millstreet bar owner Dave McSweeney (pictured) is also seeking staff for his hostelry – however, Dave has a ‘unique selling point’ in that his gaff is in upstate New York, USA.

n this case ‘upstate’ means being closer to Montreal n Canada than New York City, USA. Here you will find lots of lakes, mountains and wilderness parks.

Dave, who left Millstreet in 1979 moved to Australia, then travelled to Boston in the United States. He worked in the construction sector for a number of years but then left that and purchased a bar and went into the bar industry.

He now owns his own bar in Indian Lake called McSweeney’s Bar and he is looking for Irish summer students on their J1 to work for him.

Speaking to Patricia Messinger on c103’s Cork Today, Dave said it’s a very exciting area with adventure sports during the summer months but did explain that it is in a rural location, you are not in downtown New York.

He is interested in hearing from any students who might wish to work and try the experience.

It’s certainly beautiful country, all snow sports in the winter with sweltering summers. On Facebook, ‘McSweeneysIrishPub’ will give you a good look at the pub and its people as well as further contact details.