March 21, 2023


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It’s not too late for spring break travel deals

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It’s not too late for spring break travel deals

(NewsNation Now) — For snowbirds who haven’t worn anything lighter than a parka for three months, the idea of a beach vacation might be entrancing, and travel expert Peter Greenberg told “Morning in America” host Adrienne Bankert there are still deals to be had.

Greenberg started with the bad news, saying airfares were going up by about 7 percent every 10 days, so the longer you wait to buy, the worse it will get. However, there are 27 percent fewer people traveling now than in 2019, so there’s still space available not only on the planes, but at the destinations.

A trip this year from New York to Los Angeles over Easter will cost about $230 round trip, said Greenberg. In 2019, that same jaunt cost $450. New York to Tampa, Florida was $171, down from $250. Even the popular Chicago to Fort Lauderdale, Florida run dropped from $275 to $109. These prices come from discount fare websites.

The deals don’t end with the airfares. A lot of hotels in spring break destinations are bundling airfares and rooms together, so you get big discounts on both. These are for the more high-end hotels, with savings for a week at an upscale Miami resort of $2,000, for example. Even three-day weekend packages can be had for 30-40 percent discounts.

Greenberg went on to point out that venturing overseas can bring some truly stunning spring break deals, such as Chicago to Paris for $500 round trip. You can fly from Dallas to London or Phoenix, Arizona to Barcelona, Spain for $700 round trip. They might not be beach hot spots, but you’ll surely have a spring break to remember.

Those airfares are a roughly 50 percent drop from their 2019 levels, so the discounts are running similar to what’s found in the U.S.