March 2, 2024


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GRiZ Announces First Camping Festival, Triple Rainbow –

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GRiZ Announces First Camping Festival, Triple Rainbow –

Electronic music fans and festival-goers have something exciting to look forward to this summer as GRiZ announces his first-ever camping festival, Triple Rainbow. The festival is set to take place in the beautiful location of Belden Town, California, from August 18th to 22nd, 2023.


  • Who is GRiZ?
  • What is Triple Rainbow?
  • The Lineup and Performances
  • The Unique Camping Experience
  • Sustainability and Community Engagement

Who is GRiZ?

GRiZ, also known as Grant Kwiecinski, is an American DJ, producer, and saxophonist known for his unique blend of electronic dance music, jazz, and funk. He has gained a massive following and has become a staple in the electronic music scene, performing at major festivals such as Electric Forest and Coachella. His music is known for its uplifting and positive messages, making him a beloved figure among his fans.

What is Triple Rainbow?

Triple Rainbow is the first-ever camping festival organized by GRiZ. The festival promises to be an immersive experience, featuring not just music but also art installations, yoga sessions, and other activities. The festival’s name is a reference to the three-day party that GRiZ hosted in Belden Town in 2019, which he named “Camp Kulabunga.”

The Lineup and Performances

Triple Rainbow’s lineup promises to be a diverse and exciting one, featuring some of the most talented artists in the electronic music scene. Along with GRiZ himself, the festival will feature performances by artists such as Alison Wonderland, CloZee, and Ekali, among others. The festival will also feature GRiZ’s signature live band performance, which combines his saxophone playing with electronic beats.

The Unique Camping Experience

Triple Rainbow promises to be a unique camping experience that goes beyond just music. The festival will offer a variety of activities for attendees, including yoga sessions, workshops, and guided meditations. Attendees will also be able to explore the natural beauty of Belden Town, which is located on the banks of the Feather River and surrounded by scenic forests.

Sustainability and Community Engagement

GRiZ has always been committed to promoting sustainability and community engagement, and Triple Rainbow is no exception. The festival is working towards becoming a zero-waste event, and attendees will be encouraged to bring their reusable water bottles and to reduce their waste. The festival will also feature community engagement initiatives, such as a donation drive for local organizations and a volunteer program for attendees who want to get involved.

In conclusion, GRiZ’s Triple Rainbow promises to be a unique and immersive experience for electronic music fans and festival-goers. With its diverse lineup, unique camping experience, and commitment to sustainability and community engagement, this festival is not one to be missed.