March 20, 2023


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‘Glamping’ and adventure at Santa Paula campground

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‘Glamping’ and adventure at Santa Paula campground

Glamour camping aka “glamping” at one Ventura campground offers fun sleeping options and excitement in the treetops.

SANTA PAULA, Calif. — Below the Topatopa mountains, hiding among the orchards of Santa Paula, there’s a campground with a whole lot going on. Ziplining, tipis and rock climbing are just a few of the activities you will find at Ventura Ranch KOA Holiday. Owner Scott Cory said it’s far from your typical camping experience. 

“It’s glamour camping, glamping,” said Cory.

Although you can bring your own tent or RV, it’s really not necessary. There are luxurious cabins, plush glamping tents, covered wagons and the crowd favorite, Tipi tents. You are definitely not sleeping in the dirt in this thing. 

“We stepped it up. There’s a queen-sized bed, bunk bed, chairs [and] lots of room to do things,” said Cory.

As glamorous as it is, this is still camping. Just ask Skyler and Avery Foley. 

“We have not been camping in a while and it is hot in the day and cold at night,” said Skyler Foley. 

Climate control is not included in the Tipi but the spacious 6-person canvas-covered sleeper has plenty of room to bunk up. The Tipi also offer a unique stargazing experience through the hole in the top of the tent but according to Skyler that hole lets in more than starlight.

“We did see a few spiders hanging off the bed. Hopefully, they don’t bother us.”

If spiders aren’t your thing you might enjoy the bug-free and fully enclosed Safari Tents. Fun fact, an episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was filmed in this one.

“I have to tell you they were great campers from the point of view that they tried everything,” said Cory. Well, almost everything. 

Cory said they did not go looking for Bigfoot. Yep, you read that right. Bigfoot. 

“This is actually Bigfoot’s watering hole. There have been sightings of Bigfoot down in this area and we actually have a night adventure hike,” said Cory.

Bigfoot has not made an appearance in quite some time; the good news is the adventure hike takes you to another rare attraction Cory calls “the World Labyrinth.” 

Its spiral maze is made from giant boulders and from the outside of the labyrinth to the center it is a mile-long walk. 

“It took 2,000 tons of boulders to put this labyrinth together. It’s considered one of the largest boulder labyrinths in the world,” said Cory.

If the Labyrinth didn’t tire you could out, there’s plenty to do like swimming, rock climbing, panning for precious gemstones or if you are really adventurous, test out your climbing skills on the “Soar over Ventura Adventure Course.” 

Like a scene out of the game show Ninja Warrior, the adventure course takes you through 45 minutes of high-flying obstacles. Along the way, you will cross over 12 rope elements, several nets and 6 zip lines that give you an aerial view of the entire park. 

“It’s safe and fun for the whole family,” said Cory.

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