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From simple to adventurous, Columbus had options for New Year’s 1922-23

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From simple to adventurous, Columbus had options for New Year’s 1922-23

New Year’s Eve is a time of celebration and reflection, and in 1922-23, the residents of Columbus, Ohio had plenty of options for how to ring in the new year. From simple family gatherings to extravagant parties, there was something for everyone in this bustling Midwestern city.

Simple Celebrations

For those looking for a low-key celebration, there were plenty of options in Columbus. Many families chose to celebrate at home, enjoying a special meal with loved ones and perhaps listening to the radio broadcast of the Times Square ball drop in New York City. Others gathered at local community centers or churches for dances and social events, enjoying the company of neighbors and friends.

Cocktail Parties and Dinners

For those looking for a more sophisticated celebration, Columbus had several options for cocktail parties and formal dinners. The city’s top hotels, including the Neil House and Deshler-Wallick, hosted lavish New Year’s Eve parties, complete with gourmet food, live music, and dancing. Wealthy residents also threw their own private parties, often hiring live bands or orchestras to provide entertainment.

Outdoor Activities

Despite the chilly December weather, some Columbus residents chose to spend New Year’s Eve outdoors. The city’s parks and outdoor spaces were popular destinations for sledding, ice skating, and other winter activities. For those looking for a more adventurous way to celebrate, some local companies offered hot air balloon rides, providing a unique perspective on the city’s festivities.

Reflection and Resolutions

For many Columbus residents, New Year’s Eve was also a time for reflection and setting goals for the coming year. Some attended religious services or spent time in quiet contemplation, reflecting on the year that had passed and considering what they hoped to achieve in the future. Others made New Year’s resolutions, committing to personal growth or new habits in the year ahead.

Overall, New Year’s Eve 1922-23 was a time of celebration and opportunity in Columbus, Ohio. Whether residents chose to celebrate with friends and family, indulge in gourmet food and live music, or spend time in reflection and goal-setting, there was no shortage of options for how to welcome the new year.