April 2, 2023


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Five best fits for the 49ers quarterback

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Five best fits for the 49ers quarterback

The veteran has a penchant for making egregious errors at inopportune times. Although his mistakes are not always costly, the questionable judgement and misfires raise doubts about Garoppolo’s ability to consistently play at a high level. Sure, he has strung together four- and five-game stretches in which he has played good football, but the Jimmy G experience can be a bit of a roller coaster ride with the veteran providing a mix of highlights and lowlights that leave coaches and scouts baffled by his production, performance and potential.

That said, it is hard to find quality quarterbacks in this league. Garoppolo is 35-16 (including playoffs) as a starter with the 49ers and has a career passer rating of 98.9. We can debate the merits of quarterback wins, but it is hard to dispute the value of having a quarterback who knows how to play winning football. With a passer rating that puts him in the “slightly above average” tier of quarterbacks, it is easy to see how a team-builder could talk himself into making a move for the veteran.

Although it is unlikely for the 49ers to get a first-round pick in return, the team could pry a Day 2 pick (second- or third-round draft selection) from a desperate team in need of a quality starter. Considering how a team’s chances are tied directly to the play of a quarterback, Garoppolo is certainly good enough to get a team into the tournament but likely won’t spark a championship run.

Despite a 4-2 playoff record, he has a 60.6 completion percentage and a 74.1 passer rating to go with a 4:6 touchdown-to-interception ratio in the postseason. With just two playoff games with 30-plus pass attempts, it is possible the 49ers are winning big games without the quarterback playing a major role in the offense’s plans.

Executives and coaches will debate whether Garoppolo can flourish in a different environment, but the veteran will command plenty of interest on the trade market. Given some time to survey the quarterback landscape around the league, here are five teams that could view the veteran as an ideal fit as the QB1 of the future.