April 2, 2023


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Feenstra office makes family trip possible | News, Sports, Jobs

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Feenstra office makes family trip possible | News, Sports, Jobs

To the editor:

Last August, my family was able to travel to the Virgin Islands. After much preparation and planning for the trip, we hit a roadblock. My 15-month daughter’s passport was stuck in processing. My husband and I had done everything instructed and followed the recommended timelines provided by the federal government passport agency. Yet, our entire trip was at risk of being derailed due to the delayed passport.

I reached out to my Congressman, Randy Feenstra, hoping his office could help my family. I’m forever thankful I did. Congressman Feenstra’s wonderful caseworker reached out to the federal passport agency and, just three days later, we had it in hand.

After first discussing the issue with State Sen. Jesse Greene, he pointed me to Congressman Randy Feenstra’s office. Congressman Feenstra is here to serve his constituents – my family is proof he cares. If you ever need help from the federal government, please don’t hesitate to call his office at 515-302-7060 or stop by his office at 723 Central Ave. in Fort Dodge.

Nikole Johnson


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