March 31, 2023


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Camping summer holidays: Essential items you should never ‘leave without’ | Travel News | Travel

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Camping summer holidays: Essential items you should never ‘leave without’ | Travel News | Travel

Outdoor holiday and camping booking company Pitchup shared the items Britons should be packing before they hit the road, and some of them are essential while travelling during the heatwave.

Pitchup explained that when travelling during the hottest weeks of the year, staying hydrated is key.

The camping experts explained: “Hot weather can make you extremely dehydrated, so having enough water is extremely important.

“Particularly if you plan on long walks or strenuous activities during your trip.

“To keep your liquids cool, store them in a cool box – ideally in the shade – or in an on-site fridge if your campsite has one.”

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They also recommended packing “water-rich fruits and vegetables such as cucumber, melon, strawberries, celery and pineapple”.

They will help to keep travellers’ hydration levels up.

Although it may sound obvious, many holidaymakers forget the summertime essentials when going camping.

These include sunscreen, sunhats, sunglasses and appropriate loose-fitting clothing to protect you from the sun and keep you cool during the day.


From Pitchup, they also recommended “breathable cotton bedding to keep you cool while you are asleep”.

These items are “particularly important when at the seaside, walking or playing games”.

“Children who have more sensitive skin should keep topping up high factor sunscreen and wear clothing to protect them from any sun damage or heat damage,” the experts warned.

Camping expert and UK country manager for Camptoo, Ed Bassett, also shared some indispensable items and useful tips.

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Mr Bassett said snacks are absolutely essential for camping holidays and advised people “not to leave without” them.

He explained: “Don’t forget to pack plenty of snacks to keep energy levels topped up throughout the day, think dried fruit and nuts, dark chocolate, trail mix and protein bars.”

He also recommended creating a meal plan ahead of the trip.

“It’s useful, particularly for those embarking on a more remote camping trip who won’t have immediate access to any food shops or restaurants.

“Create a meal plan for every day, being mindful of expiry dates and ease of storage.

“You can also save yourself lots of time and energy by prepping food in advance – soups, pasta dishes, vegetable curries that can be safely stored in Tupperware, and reheated when needed are ideal.”

Dried packet foods which only need boiling water to cook are a good idea and are also fairly lightweight making them ideal for on-the-go explorers.

Any food in cardboard packaging should be transferred to waterproof storage, just in case raindrops begin to fall, the camping expert recommended.