March 25, 2023


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BTA Reveals Strongest Week For Recovery In Business Travel Since March 2020

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BTA Reveals Strongest Week For Recovery In Business Travel Since March 2020

The Business Travel Association (BTA) has today revealed the strongest recovery for business travel since March 2020 compared to the same week in 2019.

Data from Travelogix shows that traveller confidence has returned, evidenced in a 403.13% increase in new business travel bookings versus the same week in 2021.

Week-on-week domestic business travel has seen particularly high levels of recovery, with a 67.79% increase in departures compared to the same week in 2019.

Clive Wratten, CEO of the BTA said: “It’s encouraging to see business traveller confidence returning once and for all as we begin to live with Covid. Now we must focus on how we sustainably move forward in a post-Covid world.”

Data shows that despite a 291.54% increase in departures versus the same week in 2021, there has been an overall £2.72bn GDP loss associated to domestic and international travel* compared to the same week in 2019.

The data shows that in the fourth week of February, the lower levels of business travel to:

  • Republic of Ireland have cost UK GDP £719 million
  • Germany have cost UK GDP £493 million
  • France have cost UK GDP £338 million
  • USA have cost UK GDP £210 million, and
  • Spain have cost UK GDP £164 million this week.

The data also shows a noticeable reduction in active cases of Covid per 100k of population in 10 of the 11 countries followed by the Business Travel Tracker.

The thirty third edition of the BTA’s Business Travel Tracker can be found here.

*Data from leading travel data provider Travelogix shows this decrease in business travel trips across ten key international destinations has cost UK GDP £2.29 billion, and an additional £420.87million from domestic business travel, equalling a total of £2.41 billion loss to UK GDP in the fourth week of February 2022.

About Travelogix

Travelogix is a leader in the world of travel data, reporting and analytics. Founded in 2011 by Chris Lewis and Gary Jones, Travelogix empower TMCs across the globe with accurate, accessible, real-time data that drives success. Travelogix are the standard for data analysis within travel and continue to craft and innovate their solutions to meet the demands of the industry.

About the BTA

The BTA is the authority on business travel. Working collaboratively across the industry and with the government to promote the integral role of business travel and events to the wider economy.

Originally founded in 1967, the BTA has a diverse membership and roster of industry partners. It”s TMC membership accounts for over 90% of UK expenditure on managed business travel, delivering value for money and great service to business travellers in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. The BTA focuses on delivering practical solutions to challenges and market changes, as well as supporting best practice, sustainability and the well-being of travellers.

For more information on BTA please visit: or call 020 3657 7010.