March 25, 2023


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Adult Tourist Attractions in Atlanta

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Adult Tourist Attractions in Atlanta

Growing up in Atlanta has its perks. You’re automatically immersed into a culture that influences everything, and you’re also surrounded by plenty of historical monuments, from Martin Luther King Jr.’s birth home to the lasting remnants from the 1996 Olympic Games. However, what is less than optimal about being in such proximity to so many cool monuments and landmarks is that we sometimes take it for granted. You’ve likely visited all of Atlanta’s essential attractions multiple times by the time you reach high school, and perhaps haven’t returned to many since.

Thanks to the not-so varied field trips that we all went on during elementary, middle, and high school, you may feel like there’s no point in visiting as an adult, but, well, you’d be wrong. Since reopening from the initial shutdown at the start of the pandemic last year, Atlanta’s attractions have come back better than ever. Some have returned to hosting special, 21+ events while others have added brand new permanent exhibitions, and of course, entirely new attractions have popped up as well. From the zoo to the aquarium, there are now several nostalgic attractions in the city that you absolutely have to experience as an adult, and to help you get back out there and experience Atlanta’s attractions, we’ve organized an Adult Field Trip for you.

So pack your day bags and leave the permission slips at home — here are all the nostalgic local tourist destinations on your itinerary.